A little bit about Charlotte Koppes and the beginning of Second Chance Dog Rescue….

Charlotte has a large amount of experience working in canine rescue centres including Dogwatch, and has always loved and cared for all animals, in particular dogs.

Charlotte specialises in hand raising puppies from as young as only days old. As the amount of demand for her services increased, other foster families were hand selected to help with the dog’s needs, and Charlotte started searching for companion animal services including veterinary clinics and pet suppliers, which would be offering to lend support and resources. This formed the beginning of Second Chance Dog Rescue which is now a strong, voluntary run, donation dependant group who give the opportunity of a “second chance” without limitations.

Second Chance continues to exist due to the increase of dumped, neglected, and unkempt dogs and puppies. Many come from the Christchurch City Council pound (and NZ wide pounds) that were otherwise destined for the certain euthanasia with the bolt gun. As Charlotte’s name, alongside Second Chance’s grew more widely known, more people turned to Charlotte to help with the care and rehoming of unwanted litters of puppies, and help rehoming dogs, some easily adoptable and some requiring ongoing medical care or training.

Second Chance also assists with the care, maintenance and de-sexing of dogs, for people that want to be responsible pet owners but cannot afford it.
Education is another large part of Second Chance as it greatly impacts the future. The more owners that understand the importance of de-sexing could result in a slow gradual decline in unwanted litters; animal abuse and long term reduction in shelter euthanasia of completely adoptable canine companions.
Community assistance is another large part of Second Chances work, this includes paying for euthanasia, de-sexing, microchipping, basic care treatments, food and helping cover the financial burden of vital medical supplies.

As of today, nearly four years later and over 350 dogs rehomed, Second Chance Dog Rescue Christchurch can be found educating in pre-schools, schools, pet stores, and other events, as well as assisting the community path the way forward for dog care and ownership in New Zealand.